imLabs – imLabs franchise digital marketing

Drive results to your franchise location through localized & customized ads

Reach people who are searching for your
product or service near you

We help your franchise locations reach a highly targeted audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors and location


Conversion rate in
memberships in less
than 30 days


Leads that converted
into eye appointment


Local coupon promotion
increased new customer
check-ins by 80% for 3
locations in 90 days

Stay competitive, build local community
and drive sales


We don’t just boost your posts, we create
in-depth ad targeting

by creating and optimizing targeted campaigns through Meta ads, so the right people in your community are seeing you.


We help you attract more customers

by creating targeted ads that appear in Google and other websites.


We constantly
optimize your ads

and act promptly if changes need
to be made.


We offer a dedicated
account manager

to answer all your questions and walk
through results

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