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5 Benefits of using social media for your franchise business

Written by: Tifani Tamayo

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Creating positive experiences with your audience on social media proves to be a great investment for any business.

71% of consumers who have a positive experience online with a brand will recommend that brand to friends or family, and it’s no secret that recommendations drive sales!

Many franchisees turn to social media marketing (rightfully so) to connect with potential customers.
Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of using social media for your franchise business.

1. Build a Relationship With Your Local Customers

As a local franchise business, you interact with local customers every day.

In the past, that interaction was confined to the time they’d spend at your store.

Today, through high-quality, localized content on social media, you can build meaningful, insightful relationships with your customers for the long-term.

There are many things to learn from them online:

  • Find out how customers express themselves, what tone they use
  • See what local content they like, what local hashtags they follow

The information you gather can help you create content and rewards (special offers/contests) that your audience will respond to, which will ultimately result in sales. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to build a relationship online with your local customers.

2. Improve Your Franchise’s Customer Service

The vast majority of your customers are on social media—connecting with one another, exchanging information and sharing experiences, good or bad.

People are looking to be heard!

According to a recent report from Sprout Social, 61% of people said that a brand’s engagement with their audience is an important factor in how they perceive the brand

When it comes to customer service concerns, 79% said they expect a response from the brand within the first 24 hours.

Answering customer service concerns can not only help your online presence but also help you improve your product or service.

Be sure to answer customer service concerns genuinely and authentically.

3. Personalize (Humanize) Your Franchise

You know the pros and cons to having a franchise.

Among the pros is instant name recognition. Among the cons is less flexibility when it comes to innovation and personalization (basically, you have to play by certain rules).

But remember that with social media you have the opportunity to tell your story:

  • Share stories about your beginnings, your staff, your customers
  • Share behind-the-scenes images of your product/service and local events

We can’t say it enough. Localized content is key! 

As Forbes recommends, 80% of your franchise’s social media content should be local, focused on you and your community. 

Remind your audience of the human aspect of your franchise business.

4.  Engage with Fellow Franchisees

When we’re starting out on social, we always ask ourselves who we should follow.

For franchises, following your fellow franchisees in other markets (as well as in your own market) can be a great strategy.

Of course, you’re not looking to imitate anyone. You should aim to be unique. 

But it’s important to know what works for others:

  • Check what generates the most likes and shares for other franchisees
  • Take note of questions customers in their local markets have

Learn from the methods that your fellow franchisees use to bring positive attention to themselves.

5.  Promote Your Franchise in a Cost-Effective Way

As the Digital Marketing Institute states, 70% of North Americans use social media and social media marketing efforts are expected to double by 2023.

Even with social media as a growing competitor, traditional marketing campaigns on TV, radio and newspapers continue to be expensive. 

Plus, they operate on certain terms, at certain times and reach only certain people. 

Meanwhile, social media marketing has very low costs (afterall, starting a profile and posting is free!); it can work for you 24/7; and the possibilities for reach (how many unique accounts see your content) are endless. 

The bottom line is that social media is the present and future.

Treat social media as the great, low-cost marketing tool that it currently is.

In conclusion

It’s hard to deny the benefits of social media marketing for franchises.

You can build a relationship with your local customers, learn from your fellow franchisees and humanize your franchise. And have fun and a sense of humor while you’re at it!

Social media is a cost-effective way to stand out and connect with your local community. 
It’s definitely a tool that franchise businesses should be utilizing.

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